Short Term SIP – FAQ

Included for your information are some basic responses to frequently asked questions regarding the short-term portion of the Salary Indemnity Plan. 


I’m out of, or running out of, sick leave. How do I apply for SIP? 
Members, who suspect that their illness will continue beyond their sick leave entitlements, are encouraged to contact the Income Security Division of the BCTF at least one month prior to the expiration of their sick leave. A short-term disability benefits application package can be obtained from the CTA office. 


How much does SIP pay? 
SIP benefits are 50% of the salary reported to us by the school district. The benefit is non-taxable. In addition, the member does not pay, but receives credit for having paid, their pension as well as local and BCTF fees. 


How long does SIP last? 
A member is entitled to a maximum of 120 days of short-term disability benefits, in respect of any one claim. 


Are SIP benefits taxable? How do I get my T4? 
SIP benefits are not taxable because it is a self-insured plan. You have already paid income tax on the monthly fee deducted from your pay, therefore the benefits cannot be taxed. You will not receive a T4. 


While on SIP, will my Teachers’ Pension be paid? 
Members on SIP receive full pensionable credit for the portion of time for which they receive benefits. 


Will SIP pay my benefits (medical/extended health/dental/life insurance)? 
Unfortunately, SIP does not cover those benefits. A member applying for SIP is encouraged to consult with their school district or local union office to inquire about maintaining benefits. In some cases, the school district will continue to cost-share the benefit premiums for a period of time. 


Does SIP pay Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and Employment Insurance (EI) premiums? 
SIP does not pay CPP and EI premiums. A member, in receipt of disability benefits, is not employed by the SIP. Therefore, CPP contributory time is not credited and disability benefits are not considered insurable earnings under the EI mandate. 


Am I entitled to SIP short-term if I have withdrawn from the long-term portion of the plan? 
All members pay the short-term portion of the SIP fee and are entitled to apply for short-term disability benefits. 


Why do I have to use my sick leave entitlements before going on short-term SIP? 
Your local association has negotiated sick leave provisions into your local collective agreement. These provisions place the onus on the employer (school board) to provide full pay with respect to a documented illness until the expiration of sick leave or the maximum number of sick leave days that may be used in a year. Once again, the Salary Indemnity Plan regulations are very clear that a member shall be eligible for benefits on the first working day following the termination/expiration of sick leave. 


Can I skip short-term and go directly to the long-term portion of SIP if I have a long-term illness? 
The plan regulations are quite specific that a member shall be eligible for long-term disability benefits immediately following the termination of sick leave and SIP short-term benefits. Therefore, it is not possible to skip the short-term portion of the plan and go directly to the long-term portion.