Article E.22 Evaluation of Teaching


1. The purpose of evaluation is to assess teacher competence and reinforce quality education.
2. A teacher should normally be reported on during the year of the initial appointment to the District, once every five years thereafter, or upon request of the teacher, Superintendent or Administrator.
3. All reports on the work of a teacher shall be formal written reports.
4. At least thirty (30) days prior to commencing observations, the evaluator shall meet with the teacher and invite agreement on the purpose and the time span of the evaluation and the criteria and standards to be applied. At least five (5) days prior to commencing observations, the evaluator will discuss the schedule of observations with the teacher. (The criteria shall be those stated in Local Appendix A.)
5. The evaluation of a teacher shall not be based on aspects of the learning situation over which the teacher does not have both responsibility and control.
6. Each report shall normally be based on not less than three (3) or more than six (6) personal observations which reflect the teacher’s assignment. The process shall normally not exceed two (2) months. The report shall be filed by May 31 of that year unless the teacher agrees on a later date.
7. Involvement or non-involvement in extra-curricular activities and participation in union activities or matters not directly related to the general work of a teacher are outside the scope of evaluating and reporting on the work of a teacher.
8. Periods chosen for observation should not be at inappropriate times such as those immediately preceding or following breaks for holiday periods, when the teacher is returning to work after a protracted absence, and/or when activities are occurring within the school which substantially disrupt the normal classroom or school program. The teacher shall have the opportunity to select at least two (2) of the observation times.
9. Following each observation, the evaluator shall normally discuss with the teacher his/her observations and impressions. Such observations and impressions shall, where practicable, be further provided to the teacher in the form of a written commentary within forty-eight (48) hours of the observation.
10. Each formal report by the Superintendent, Assistant Superintendents, and Administrator including principals, vice principals and directors of instruction shall be based on the most recent observations and assessments and not on those used in previous reports. In the case where a teacher has a reasonable apprehension of bias, the Superintendent may determine that the report is to be written by another appropriate evaluator.
11. Reports shall note the teacher’s area of professional training, experience and current assignment and shall contain a statement of the writer’s assessment of the overall teaching performance and the general work of the teacher. Reports shall reflect any discrepancy between the teacher’s assignment, professional training and preference of teaching subjects and grades.
12. The content of a teaching report shall be specific and an objective description of teaching performance. Judgments shall be adequately substantiated.
13. The teacher shall be given a draft copy of a report at least forty-eight (48) hours prior to preparation of the final copy so that the teacher may have the opportunity to point out factual errors or omissions. The teacher shall have the opportunity of meeting with the evaluator in the company of a third person to propose changes to the draft. The evaluator shall make every effort to ensure accuracy and to reach agreement on the report with the teacher prior to filing the final report.
14. Any written report that identifies weaknesses shall include constructive suggestions for improvement.
15. In the event of a less than satisfactory report the teacher and evaluator shall jointly develop any necessary plan of action. The plan of action shall be completed before another report is initiated.
16. The CTA shall be notified of any less than satisfactory report unless the teacher in writing requests otherwise.
17. The teacher shall have the right to submit to the evaluator a written commentary on the report which shall be filed with all copies of the report.