Our Collective Agreement is very clear on teacher evaluation in that teachers can be evaluated through clause E.22.

  1. The purpose of evaluation is to assess teacher competence and reinforce quality education.
  2. A teacher should normally be reported on during the year of the initial appointment to the District, once every five years thereafter, or upon request of the teacher, Superintendent or Administrator.
  3. E.22.4 (page 73) provides clarity on the timelines for this process.
  4. Appendix A (page 94) provides the criteria for evaluation.

Despite point 2 above, it is not typical practice in our District for a teacher to be evaluated every five years.  Often, principals recommend that teachers participate in growth plans.  So, teachers need to decide between requesting an evaluation or developing a growth plan:

Many teachers are being asked to turn in their growth plans this year. Before you decide that you want to do a growth plan there are a few things you should consider.  Growth plans were developed in 2000 through a joint committee, with both teacher and board representatives. They replace the normal evaluation cycle with a few significant differences. They are voluntary, your principal can not tell you that you have to do a growth plan. They are non-evaluative and non-disciplinary. They are to be done annually. If you are within 5 years of your last teacher evaluation, you do not need to do a  professional growth plan.
Teacher evaluations are in our Collective Agreement. Their purpose is to assess teacher competence. The evaluation process follows a clearly laid out process.  Please see below for the entire contract clause.  The evaluation process should not take any longer than two months and must be completed no later than May 31st. At the end of the process a report is written. The report will either be satisfactory or less than satisfactory. If the report is less than satisfactory the teacher and the evaluator shall jointly develop any necessary plan of action. The plan of action shall be completed before another report is initiated. Teachers should be evaluated in their first long term teaching assignment and then once every 5 years thereafter.