Collective Agreement Leaves

Your Collective Agreement provides many leave options. Here are a few that you may wish to know more about:

G.3 Family Responsibility Leave (pg. 83)     G.22 Parenthood Leave (pg. 88)

G.4 Bereavement Leave (pg. 83)                  G.23 Birth or Adoption Leave (pg. 88)

G.5 Unpaid Discretionary Leave (pg. 84)    G.24 Court Appearances (pg. 88)

G.20 Sick Leave (pg. 85)                            G.26 Emergency Leave for Family Illness (pg. 89)

G.21 Pregnancy Leave (pg. 87)                     G.29 Extensive Leave of Absence (pg.90)

 If you have any questions regarding leaves please contact the CTA Office.